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Monday, November 2, 2020

Poor resources get paycut

 The boss was angry that week. Day after day he went back and forth through the office trying to look for a solution. Money stopped pouring in, more and more customers cut their work and projects so he needed to find a way to stop the losses.

He could of course run and seek new customers, pitch, sell as the desperate competitors were doing and found some success. But this boss wasn't going to do that, he found it humiliating ech time he had to go and make a sale. He even tried to hire a sales man but to no avail, new customers were nowhere to be seen.

So one day he had a "brilliant" idea: I am gonna cut all the wages. Resources will get a 25% cut while managers will get 30% cut since we have triple their wages or more. 

He summoned the entire workforce and proudly stated his plan. There was an unhappy mood in the crowd or resources but they couldn't fight it, it was take it or leave it and some of them would be laid off anyway.

I have saved the company the boss happily said and went off to his hobbies after lunch, he spent 3-4 hours working that day so he thought he deserved some rest and relaxation. The resources went back to working, they had another 6 hours minimum left.


Thursday, February 27, 2020

Work more, work harder just woooork!

The manager was angry even as the workers were taking seats in the meeting room. He nervously scrutinized the room and the audience. He took a moment to try to calm his nerves and started talking:
- It doesn't work anymore! Yes, you have heard me, it doesn't work anymore! The competition is cheaper now, they offer the same services at rates we can not afford! You can not afford! We can't have such big wages with so low margins...

Next to me Dave whispered in my year: What big wages? Who's he talking to? I said nothing trying not to laugh out loud.

The boss continued to talk louder and louder until he was almost shouting:
- You need to deliver value! You need to offer consultancy to the customers! You heard me? Con-sul-tan-cy! No be stupid low value copy pasters, not be simple operators, you must help the customer grow, provide huge value, become their partner!!!!

He kept on and on for a few minutes more and then dismissed us from the meeting. I replied to Dave: Move resource, let's go create some value!

Monday, September 2, 2019

Resource wants to buy a house

Every now and then there comes a time in the life of a resource to move to a bigger house. Generally this happens when the resource's family grows, usually with the birth of the first or second child.

Faced with the need to move resources start assesing their opportunities. Depending on their luck the real-estate market can be low or high, rarely do resources wait and expect a price fall. More than that there is usually a gap between what they want and what they can afford as resources tend to earn to little money and save very few to none.

Let's be honest here, each of us wants a nice house with large rooms, storage areas, a nice backyard to relax, parking space in a quiet area with good infrastructure, nice neighbours, good schools and kindergardens and ... wait a minute, all these come with additional cost. And when finally adding up expenses and looking into our wallets and accounts we are considerably short of money. We sigh and we hope for a market fall.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Resources with kids

There comes a time in the life of every resource when it needs to consider the future labor generation of the systems. Sure, you can work a resource its entire life but at some point (later and later nowadays) it will retire and live on a minimum pension unable to work. So the system is very careful to encourage child birth as to prepare its next generation of hard-working resources.

When Danny told me his wife was pregnant I was really happy for him. They were trying for some years with lots of effort so finally they succeeded. I was even more shocked on the news that my wife become pregnant a few months later too, so we will get to follow Danny and his wife and experience parenthood.

 Now as a rebel resource that I am I discussed with my wife to have the birth in a state hospital with a state doctor, all expenses covered by the mandatory health insurance we are all forced to pay as part of a salary. I wanted to do nothing with the private hospitals, extremely expensive here and outside of a better accomdation and comfort (true) with sometimes questionable doctors.

Danny on the other hand wanted to do nothing with the state hospitals and was determined to take his wife to such a private hospital. Unfortunately he didn't afford all the costs and commissions especially since his kid needed some extra medical procedures afterwards and sunk into some significant debt (a few months pay). Happily his kid is healthy and jolly but pursuing the private healthcare going forward will continue to sink him lower and lower into debt assuming he can pay the current one.

My wife had a lovely kid in the state owner hospital, it costed us very little and she had very good care and confort. We decided to enroll the baby in the care of a state doctor pediatrician as well to reduce cost. That gave me hope for Christmas and the New Year, hope I can continue to save and invest my money and gain financial independence for me and my family.

And since this is a Christian holiday I dis the SJWs and politically correct idiots with their Xmas and holidays and wish you all: Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Still employed still unsafe

Well the Corporation is still doing bad though I left as well as other countless resources, shot in the beack of their head and left to struggle in the agony of unemployment. I was lucky to get a job soon and managed to keep intact my leave pay and invest it in stocks but other colleagues such as Gabe stayed more than half an year jobless and ate all the compensation money while going into debt too.

I was happy seeing he got a job finally but a bit disheartened that he learned nothing from this experience. He still does not save and spends recklessly. And if him who went twice through being fired doesn't learn what hope of financial education is there for others?

A job is not safe, being resource is not safe, being at the mercy and whims of a boss is not safe nor pleaseant. Working you behaind off until you're 65 to get a measly pension is the way the System tells you once you're an old fart that it made a fool out of you all your life and you actually happily accepted. So earn, save, invest, buy assets that bring you passive income and free yourself more and more from the salary. Because tomorrow it might not be there!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Back on the work fields

Well to be honest it didn't take that long, just about two to three months, over 250 applications and more than 10 interviews to get a job. An agency working for the Corporation hired me. I knew them, they kind of knew me so they got me a job. Not a big salary but quite decent conditions so I went along.

It felt nice to have a vacation so long but as a resource I knew I had to get back on board the working train. So I went there to meet the new boss whom we'll call El Padron on simply El P. Good thing is I was back to work in the same place as my old friend Danny boy, an old friend from the Corporation. So I started my long work season in a posh business area in the city. To be followed...

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wonderful job position, great salary!

So as an unemployed resource I had more free time than I had in years, actually I didn't feel like that since college but I can't say I could benefit since I had to spent much of it searching for jobs and going to interviews. A resource is of course dependent on its salary so a resource can't survive too much without it. A resource out of the job is like a fish out of the water.

So finally I found a good offer, a wonderful job position they said, a great salary included at a big company. I applied and after two weeks they called me for an interview. It was a big company so the HR lady told me on the phone there will be several interview stages.

The day came and I was in her desk awaiting her to finish a phonecall and make time for the interview. She was mid-aged but very elegant, top notch designer clothers. She was yelling about some reports being due so I took it as a sign she means business for the resources working under her management. At last she put the phone down and changed her attitude 180 degrees putting an ice smile and inviting me to sit down.

- I have read your resume she said, it matches what we expect of a resource for this position but I need to be honest with you, we only care for the best of the best. And not in terms of skills, they can be taught but in terms of dedication for this Company to serve it to the fullest of their ability. Maybe in other places the work starts at 9:00 and ends at 18:00 but here nobody leaves before 19:00. And that's if you have done all your work. Weekends are sometimes easier but we expect our resources to work during them if needed, of course these days they can leave at 16:00 maybe even earlier.

I was surprised at the fast pace of her words so I didn't realize she stopped to see how I was reacting.